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Finding the right gutter company is becoming an increasingly important decision as volatile weather patterns are becoming more common.  Those who have had the chance to witness a couple of serious downpours can appreciate the critical role that gutter systems and downspouts play.  Selection among gutter companies is wide ranging across the country.  It goes without saying then that the quality of work that these contractors perform is crucial to protecting your home.  So how do you choose the best gutter installation in your area?  Continue reading for some very helpful tips and to download our seamless gutter contractor hiring guide.

Whether you live in NY, FL, TX or CA, an inch of rainfall might sound insignificant.  However, when it falls on an average-size roof, that one inch adds up to nearly 2,000 gallons of water coming off the eaves of your rooftop. That’s not a small quantity of water that has the potential to create a lot of damage if your seamless gutters aren’t up to managing the flow.  Yet even with the central role your gutters play in keeping the inside of your house dry, homeowners rarely give gutters a second thought until they clog, need repair or need replacement.

  • Reputation. In this trade, contractors and homeowners alike rely on reputation.  A good reputation is a seal of approval for fantastic service.  It serves as a barometer of integrity and trustworthiness.  Make sure to reference your local Better Business Bureau to see if the company you have in mind is in good standing.
  • Reliability. Whether it’s gutter guard installation, gutter repair or replacement,—you need to be able to depend on your contractor to show up on time and to complete the work to be done in an efficient manner.
  • Quality. Measuring quality isn’t easy, but you’ll recognize it when you see it. Homeowners are pretty good at knowing when a tradesman has cut corners. It’s adviseable to find a pro whose reputation precedes him, so that when it comes hiring time, you can be fairly certain that you will receive exceptional work.
  • Courtesy. When you invite an installer onto your property, have the expectation that he will be courteous and professional. Of course you should also expect him to respect your home as a worthy place whose order and condition should be taken seriously.
  • Value. Finally, the gutter installation company that you choose should provide top notch quality at a great value. You have the right to know the full scope of the work that you’re paying for and why the work was necessary to be performed.

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