Custom copper gutters tailored to fit your home’s dimensions bring a timeless elegance and beauty to your abode.  Indeed, copper has a valuable quality of blending in with other outdoor building elements such as stone, brick, tile and slate.  There is an altogether unifying characteristic to copper building materials, especially copper gutters, which creates tremendous curb appeal.  Make no doubt about it, when aesthetics and longevity matter to the homeowner, copper rain gutters hit the mark.  Architectural styles may come and go but the reasons to install copper gutters on your house abound.  New England has the strongest traditional ties to coppersmithing which go back to the early 18th century.  Some know well that the first copper rolling mill in North America was established by Paul Revere in Canton, Mass., in 1801.  AmeriGutter Seamless Gutters provides copper gutters installation with all of the skill and craftmanship acquired over 25 years.

Over the centuries, copper has proven to be a formidable building material in the fields of architecture, building construction and even as a design element and functional choice in interior design.  Some of the reasons why copper gutters, downspouts and ornamental copper have been around so long is due to the element’s natural resistance to corrosion and durability, all the while emanating a prestigious aura reminiscent of earlier civilization.  You can expect that the copper gutters AmeriGutter installs for you to last in the range of 60 to 100 years.  Compare this to traditional aluminum gutters that typically last up to 20 years and factor in both the aesthetic and monetary value added to your home.  For historical homes, such an investment is surely worth it.  This restorative enhancement will not only have neighbors gawking but will also gift your neighborhood with another touch of that all-time classic look.

There are few things that bring more beauty and character to a house than copper gutters.  Aging naturally with your home, these gutters undergo a transformation much like that of a newly minted penny.  And yet like a penny, copper gutters retain their fine details even as time progresses when the buildup of oxide film yields what’s known as a patina.  The patina evolves from brown to dark brown and eventually green.  It is that cherished weathered look which creates a rustic yet elegant feel.  Our company installs a variety of styles and do our best to cater to the design idea of the homeowner.

Half round are easily the most popular type of copper gutters that we install here at AmeriGutter although we certainly offer the common, lighter, alternative K style.  The former style are usually placed in fascia mount brackets that fit around the gutter versus k style which often has internal hangers.  Half round types paired with round copper downspouts convey a striking sense of historicity.

All in all, these gutter systems require very little maintenance although initial hanging requires quite a bit of soldering. While they still need to be regularly cleaned of leaves and debris(see our gutter guard recommendations), they rarely sag or need replacement. Due to the nature of the material, it is important to hire a professional contractor like AmeriGutter Seamless Gutters to properly install any type of copper gutter system.

Are you looking for a gutter system that suits the architectural aspects of your home and garden?  Do you already have copper gutters and need to repair or match them?  AmeriGutter Seamless Gutters can provide you with a hassle free estimate in just a few minutes.  Click here to contact us or call 1-888-662-5644 to speak directly with owner Brad Perry.  We service all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Having a copper gutter system installed provides homeowners the opportunity to dramatically increase the charm and appearance of your home’s exterior while adding a sophisticated touch combined with a twist of functional necessity. Your copper gutters will become an admired feature of your home providing decades of enjoyment as well as serving as a noteworthy topic of conversation.  Very few regret having copper rain gutters installed by the best gutter installation company in New England, AmeriGutter.

Make no mistake copper gutters and downspouts are significantly more expensive than seamless aluminum gutters or galvanized steel gutters.  The price per foot of copper gutters vs aluminum is inevitably higher of course.  Our team of skilled installation experts install and solder each area required to produce a leak proof seal on each gutter length.

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