Gutter Alternatives That Rock

Gutters are indispensable when it comes to protecting your home from costly damage.  It’s crucial to direct rainwater and water from melting snow off of your roof and away from the foundation of your house.  Most gutter systems suffice for this task.  Invevitably though, problems arise from low-quality gutter components, materials and/or installation.

Many homeowners would posit that the biggest disadvantage to having the typical gutter may well be their unsightly appearance.  Of course there are other means to channel water away from your home but most homes rely on them.

Gutter Alternatives

Among some gutter alternatives and alternative combinations are rain chains, ground gutters, drip paths and box gutters.  Grading inspection and modification is a great idea if possible to implement.  Rain chains don’t quite fit the bill for gutter replacement but are useful as a downspout stand in.  They can require underground reservoirs to collect water effectively however.

one alternative gutter

Rain dispersal systems work by dividing rainwater flow into smaller streams and seem to be at least somewhat effective.  Drip edges can be installed at the edge of a roof and can serve as an additional barrier to falling water and help keep water from falling close to the foundation of a house.  They can also be utilized in combination with typical gutter systems.

The Irreplaceable Gutters

All in all, despite the unsightliness of most systems and the multitude of alternatives, there is no better invention to protect your home from water damage.

Gutters come in different lengths, styles and materials.  The most common materials for gutters are aluminum, vinyl, and steel.  Wood gutters are rumored to exist though most people have never seen one.  Decorative copper gutters add pizazz to gutter installation but most local gutter companies don’t keep them on hand and they do come at a greater price than your typical aluminum gutter.  Copper gutters can require soldering or riveted joints but they should be able to endure a century of weather!

copper downspout, copper down spout, copper gutter installation

Seamless Gutters by Popular Demand

The standard installation of a new system presents a very important decision to the homeowner.  That decision is seamless versus sectional.  The choice should be clear and easy.  A seamless gutter provides superior performance and appearance.

Amerigutter offers custom made seamless gutters that can be cut to exact specifications at your address.  We offer a large variety of colors and a choice of aluminum or steel.  Our fabricating equipment is mobile and top of the line.

Gutter Guards for Safety

This is the time of year when many homeowners in Massachusetts arise early in the morning, don cold weather gear and beeline to the garage or shed.  They gird themselves with courage and grab the ladder, often times the one that should have been replaced years ago.  They reassure their spouses and loved ones of their skill and resolve.

Having now mounted the ladder they approach the lip of the offending gutter and commence inspection.  Proper tools in hand, the plucking begins.  The ladder sways but just slightly.  The resolve intensifies.  The stares from the kitchen window are becoming more frequent and begin to pierce his back.

Three and a half hours and five “close calls” later the gutters are “clean.”   The results are mixed and frustration ensues.

This is a ritual that is far too common in New England this season but it’s not a necessary one.

Gutter Glove Pro by Amerigutter

We install the highest quality gutter guards at an affordable price.  If safety is a priority to you this fall then double down and call us today at 1-888-662-5644.  Your home improvement endeavors are very important but risking your health just isn’t worth it.  The products we use and install are built to last and proven to provide durability and effectiveness that you can count on.

Other gutter covers products don’t hold up to the value offered by Gutter Glove Pro and we are proud to make them our featured offering.

Many can remember the record snowfall we experienced just a few years ago and all of the difficulties the season brought.  Ice dams were widespread and damage to many homes in New England due to the storms is estimated at $2.3 billion dollars according to Munich Re, a reinsurance company.  Water damage from ice dams is a major component of this damage.  Amerigutter offers a solution to this problem as well.  Click here to learn more about our heated gutter guards.